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I was pretty mad that my husband did that (he thinks I paranoid), so when the guy returned a day later to speak to me about it, I basically listened and told him I would speak to ADT about this. He got very pushy at this point that if ADT did not already tell us about this product/protection, they were not a good company, blahblah. I guess he felt like he clued us in on something and we were now going with another company.

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The white Desert Ice helmet will be outfitted with a copper chrome facemask and a black chinstrap. The helmet also features a flat bumper with a black base and copper script that reads PT42 in honor of Pat Tillman. The Adidas logo near the player left shoulder is copper, the Pac 12 patch near the right shoulder is a black base with copper script, and the black and white PT42 shield is at the base of the collar.