About us

Fotografija: Aleksandar Oklobdžija

The Center for Information and Development was founded by the municipality of Kanjiza with the tasks of informing, helping and enhancing the development of the municipality.

We regularly keep track of grants, loans, investment and support possibilities over the internet and other media. One of our main tasks is writing projects for the local government or any other local organization.

In harmony with the official development strategy of the municipality of Kanjiza and the overall development strategies of the region we aim to help and facilitate the development of our municipality. Having built valuable partnerships, constantly searching for new ones and with the youth on our side, the targets we have set to ourselves, seem entirely achievable.

In June 2009, 7 municipalities (Kanjiza, Novi Knezevac, Senta, Ada, Coka, Becej, Novi Becej representing more than 160.000 citizens) signed the Protocol of cooperation of the Tisa Region by which these municipalities agreed to work together on international projects and to develop regional initiatives. ICR Kanjiza, then renamed to ICR Potiskog Regiona (Center for Information and Development of the Tisa Region), became the center and the coordinator of the initiative. ICR will work on developing new regional cross-border project ideas while increasing the project capacities of the municipalities.


Centre for Information and Development
Doža Đerđa 4, 24420 Kanjiža
Tel./Fax: +381-24-873-151
E-mail: info@icr.rs


Development Strategy of the Municiplaity of Kanjiza – Extract