The thinking behind this was backed up last week by a report


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It’s a small but thoughtful and thoroughly welcome touch.Are you sitting comfortably? Well I certainly am, so let me begin. You see, after nine months behind the wheel of our Discovery Sport, I’ve got used to emerging from journeys feeling as fresh as when I set off. In recent years, we’ve become accustomed to cars with good driving positions, but even by current standards, the Land Rover is supremely comfortable.

payday loans online Few want to go on the record for fear of being seen as a prophet of doom, but the concern is real.The thinking behind this was backed up last week by a report from the Bank of England which highlighted that many motorists will face a hike in monthly payments for PCPs as companies try to contend with a drop in the value of second hand vehicles. Manufacturers are being squeezed further by the depreciation of the pound, which has fallen from 1.31 to 1.13 Euros since the referendum.While the report didn’t explicitly mention the B word, it’s clear the uncertainty surrounding our future trading relationship with the rest of the world is having an impact. And regardless of whatever is negotiated Brexit wise, the weakness of the pound will ensure cars made abroad will become more expensive payday loans online.