Petrol engines range from the basic three cylinder 218i


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cash advance online It’s pricey, but so are all of its rivals this is a class of car where buyers are happy to shell out that bit extra to get that luxury of the folding roof.Launching in 2014, the 2 Series replaced the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible with an all new badge. It was facelifted in 2017, with lightly updated styling and new cabin tech.Petrol engines range from the basic three cylinder 218i, through the four cylinder 220i and 230i, up to the flagship M240i. The diesel line up is almost as extensive, with a 218d, 220d and 225d. cash advance online

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payday loans online Like its rivals, you get silver roof rails, plus 17 inch alloys are standard.There’s a selection of dark metallic colours on offer, but at least Ford offers distinctive white and deep blue paint, while the Ruby Red is an optional special colour.The Mondeo’s cabin has also been given a bold makeover. Gone are the multitude of buttons seen on the previous generation car in favour of a clean touchscreen that’s divided into four quarters for the climate, phone, nav and audio functions. In addition, you get new dials with a pair of TFT displays within them, while the multifunction steering wheel has a number of buttons, including ones for the radio and cruise control, plus Ford’s SYNC voice control system.Although the layout looks good, the general fit and finish are letdowns. payday loans online

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cash advance Policy inaction to reduce inequality, such as allowing the minimum wage to lag and diminished investment in higher education, undermine workers of all colors. Yet popular equalizing initiatives, such as raising the minimum wage or expanding college access, will not aid black and Latino workers in the same way it does for Whites. Homes in black and Latino neighborhoods do not appreciate at the same level as homes in predominately white neighborhoods cash advance.