By Aleksandar Oklobdzija


Having in mind the experience of developed states with Small and Middle Enterprise (SME) development strategies and using the practice of Business Incubators, the Municipality of Kanjiza has decided to launch the Business Incubator program in Kanjiza. It was shown that such programs may provide a serious boost not only to the direct users of the program but to the economy of the small region as such.

In Kanjiza, the program is run and coordinated by the Centre for Information and Development (ICR-Kanjiza) and funded by the local government of Kanjiza. This project is in harmony with one of the most important strategic goals in the official municipal Development Strategy for the period of 2006-2010 – the SME sector development.

At the present, there are four “tenants” of the incubator; we have 3 experts assisting the tenants and one employee of ICR-Kanjiza as a coordinator of the program (Molnar Makai Kristina – see the ICR Staff section of the webpage for her biography). The entrepreneurs were given a low-cost office and supplies, internet access, telephone and fax line, and most importantly, free legal, managerial and accounting advice.


Doža Đerđa street 4, 24420 Kanjiža
(Next to the National health insurance agency)
Tel/fax: 024/873 151