Gradska kućaThe municipality of Kanjiža is located on the far north of Vojvodina, right next to the border with Hungary (the Horgoš border crossing), east from the city of Subotica, by the river of Tisa.

The territory of the municipality spreads on a 400 km2 territories and it consists of 13 settlements. Beside the town of Kanjiža those settlements are Horgoš, Martonoš, Mali Pesak, Male Pijace, Doline, Orom, Novo Selo, Adorjan, Trešnjevac, Totovo Selo, Vojvoda Zimonjić and Velebit.

The economy of Kanjiža is lead by the construction industry (Potisje, Keramika, FIM), followed by tourism (Banja Kanjiža, Hotel Lupus), a considerable development of small and middle enterprises and a well developed agro economy.