Grant monitoring and information dispersal

Our daily activity is grant monitoring and tracking the Internet and other media in order to gather relevant information about grants, loans and investment possibilities. We send the gathered information to our partners, local government officials and all interested parties by e-mail and through our website.

Professional advisory services

Interested parties regularly come to our office asking for help and information about writing projects. We stand ready to give information and basic help without compensation.

Writing projects

Our main activity is writing projects for the local government and its institutions, NGOs, cultural associations, local enterprises and private persons. During our work we gained experience in writing projects for both civil and the economic sector.

Trainings, workshops and presentations

We would like to share our experience with people that are interested. By organizing trainings and workshops we transmit our knowledge using modern methods.

Translations (English, Serbian, Hungarian)

We also offer help in translation for projects and professional literature in any of  the above mentioned languages. The translations are not official, but are of high quality.

Other professional services

Our experts and external co-workers have substantial experience in legal and financial matters, as well as in accountancy (for example: creating business plans). By virtue of our external experts we offer advice to all interested parties.